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Greta de la Roche, Selle Français, 3 Yrs

Lully Roccio X Sire du Theil


If my husband had had his way then Greta would never have been born as he said her dam, Sultane de la Roche, wasn't good enough to breed from. Thankfully I didn't listen as I always liked Sultane despite her never following a ridden career due to injury. I chose a local stallion for her to see what we would get as a foal...we got Greta...She was a beautiful foal elegant and chic with her mother's wonderful character.

Her sire, Lully Roccio, was Selle Français. He was by the Holstein, Cheenook whose sire was the famous Holstein stallion, Caretino, father of many many top international horses including his stand out star Cassall. He has over 50 sons licensed as stallions and over 20 daughters awarded state premium status in Germany.

Her dam, Sultane de la Roche, is Selle Français although her dam line is Anglo Arab. She is by the Selle Français stallion, Sire du Theil who produced horses with an excellent temperament and lots of courage. Sire had exceptional French breeding. He was by Le Plantero who's sire was Grand Veneur who we also find in the breeding of the great stallion, and as we say here in France, a chef de race, Le Tôt de Semilly. On his dam line we find that greatest of all stallions...Furioso..who enormously influenced breeding in Europe...we find him in the lines of the great including the famous For Pleasure.

Greta's first outing was as a 2 Yr old at the young horse show at the beautiful site of the Haras National de Pompadour close by. She presented well in hand and jumped well winning the 2 Yr old mares and thus qualifying for the final, the Événement Femelles Selle Français at the Grande Semaine de Elevage, Fontainebleau.

She behaved impeccably at Fontainebleau with the atmosphere and noise all around even when waiting to enter the loose jumping ring in the main arena.

She showed her paces well the first day but fatigue was beginning to show on the second day and although she jumped well, never stopping or touching a pole as many did, she just missed out by half a point in being placed in the top 8 2 Yr old Selle Français mares in France.

She was not presented as a 3 Yr old due to conflicting show dates.

In 2020 she will participate in the young horse 4 Yr old ridden classes.

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