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Guernica de la Roche, Selle Français, 3 Yrs

Master van de Helle X Ivory Star

She was born in 2016 and from the get go has always strongly ressembled her dam, Odessa du Mesnil, one of our broodmares. No bad thing as Odessa is very 'sport' in her confirmation as we say here in France. Why the name, Guernica...?? In 2016 it was the letter G for the newborn foals in France and Guernica because Picasso's famous painting by the same name is filled with war horses...This little mare is beautiful and by no means heavy like a war horse would have been but in France when a horse enters the showjumping arena and focuses solely on it's job of jumping a clear round and is also fast against the clock we say they are a 'guerrier'... a war horse...her dam, Odessa, was a 'guerrière' and once her hooves touched the sand of the arena she was there to win...hence the name for her first foal...

Her sire, Master van de Helle, is from one of the best dam lines of the Selle Français stud book. Regularly selected to be a member of the Junior French Team and the Young Rider's Team, he has good expressive and elegant conformation which combines blood, balance and suppleness. He boasts an excellent mindset and a strong winning mood.

His production in France is still young but includes Elle Miss Koko, SuprĂŞme French Foal Champion in 2014.

Guernica's dam, Odessa du Mesnil, is from a very interesting dam line. She was born in the department of the Manche situated in Normandy. Her dam, Cora du Mesnil is a daughter of the famous broodmare, Reine II du Mesnil who includes among her foals the well known mare, Baladine du Mesnil (jumping index 181) and Onestar du Mesnil (jumping index 160). Baladine has numerous CSIO***** placings and frequently represented France with the rider, Xavier Caumont and latterly, Olivier Guillon. She would most likely have been selected for the Sydney Olympics however her owner did not wish for her to undertake such a long journey. Onestar also represented France at CSIO***** with the rider Aymeric de Ponnat.

Danae, the dam of Reine II du Mesnil, was a fabulous broodmare with a production list of top horses too numerous to mention. We find her in the breeding of many top international horses.

Odessa's sire is Ivory Star, French 4 Yr old Champion with numerous CSI placings before being exported to Italy.

Guernica's first outing was to the young horse show in the summer of 2018 at the beautiful site of the Haras National de Pompadour not far from us. It's quite an experience for the 2 year olds but definitely helps their education. She presented well in hand showing off her fabulous trot and jumped very well.

She was not presented as a 3 Yr old due to conflicting show dates.

In 2020 she will participate in the young horse ridden 4 Yr old classes.


Son père, Master van de Helle, SBS, ISO 153, a plusieurs classements en épreuves internationales juniors et jeunes cavaliers notamment vainqueur de la Coupe des Nations aux CSIO d'Arezzo et de Lummen. Depuis 2013 il se consacre à la reproduction. Les premiers produits de Master née en France avaient 3 ans en 2017 et plusieurs étaient qualifiés pour les finales nationales d'élevage. Une de ses premiers produits, Elle Miss Koko est Championne Suprême des Foals Selle Français en 2014.

Sa mère, Odessa du Mesnil, SF, ISO 126, née dans la Manche est 100% Normande est issue d'une famille intéressante. Sa mère, Cora du Mesnil est une fille de la célèbre Reine du Mesnil qui compte aussi parmi ses produits la fameuse Baladine du Mesnil, grande gagnante en CSIO*****. Le père d'Odessa, Ivory Star - Arpege Pierville X Jalisco B - est Champion de France des 4 ans à Fontainebleau et il s'est classé en épreuves internationales CSI**** avant son exportation en Italie.

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